TEAM PARAGON consulting specialist for dairy farms.

TEAM PARAGON is a network of qualified professionals who will follow you at any time to carry out the consulting project, in order to achieve your goals

TEAM PARAGON consultancy in the dairy sector focuses on the management and feeding of cows to increase the productivity of dairy farming.

The true blend of expertise, our team offers a rare combination of advice on animal health, nutrition, dairy cow management, analysis and farming systems. Our focus is on maximizing the profitability of your farm without compromising the well-being of people, dairy cows and the environment.

TEAM PARAGON enthusiastic professionals.

We combine our wealth of knowledge and extensive experience with a reliable way of working. Together we provide comprehensive and independent advice in response to your question. Our team members complement each other.

Our customers are located in Italy, France, Poland, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Cyprus, Russia.

TEAM PARAGON consultants will carry out targeted visits to the farm to make the best management and feeding decisions with you.
Focus on nutrition and mineral homeostasis.
The efficiency of the first nutrients such as energy and proteins is strongly linked to minerals.
Minerals are the cofactors of the enzymes that metabolize them and influence every function of the animal's body at all times.
For this TEAM PARAGON is committed to providing innovative and economical LABORATORY TESTS for livestock, combining the most complete range of cutting-edge services and customer focus, we become the global leader in the analysis of minerals in food and animals.

The closer collaboration with the best Italian and European laboratories of analysis has allowed us to select and apply the most modern and performing analytical methods to provide important information to farmers, technicians, nutritionists, veterinarians, industrial consultants, researchers. Paragon Lab's customers are based in 12 states in the European Union, the Middle East and North Africa.

our team of specialists is focused on the areas of intervention:


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