Welcome to the world of MEASURED Mineral Nutrition with Paragon Lab

Paragon Lab is the service company fully focused on carrying out the analyzes required by our breeding protocols.

Completely independent, it offers accurate and timely analysis of urine, water, milk, feed, fodder, mixed unifeed.

Our mission
Paragon Lab is committed to providing innovative and economical laboratory tests for breeding. By combining the most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art services and exceptional customer care, we become the global leader in the analysis of minerals in feed and animals.

We are convinced that minerals are an essential factor in the physiology and nutrition of dairy cows.

The efficiency of the first nutrients such as energy and proteins is strongly linked to minerals.

Minerals are the cofactors of the enzymes that metabolize them and influence every function of the animal's body at all times.

For this we have specialized in the measurement of the mineral share in the rations, within the dairy cow and in the study of the best and innovative protocols for measuring and interpreting the analyzes we perform.

The close collaboration with the best Italian and European laboratory of analysis has allowed us to select and apply the most modern and performing analytical methods to provide important information to breeders, agricultural producers, industrial consultants, researchers. Paragon Lab's customers are based in 12 states in the European Union, the Middle East and North Africa.

The growth of Paragon Lab is attributed to the brilliant intuitions of our technicians, their professional commitment, the continuous investment in modern equipment and systematic techniques to ensure reliable, accurate and timely results. Each analysis is carefully read and interpreted with our specific software.

Measuring the right things provides the critical information you need to make important decisions. We measure and interpret them, our client can manage it.

Our values

We have always been an independent company that produces services and technical support to operators in the dairy sector.
Our data is safe and proven by more than 10 years of experience and thousands of analyzes carried out.

Attention to the customer

Guarantee customer satisfaction by listening to their expectations
Added value for our customers through our services
Continuous search for innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their goals

Competence and team spirit are our strength

We are a talented team made up of competent and constantly updated technicians.
We work closely with Team Paragon nutritionists and veterinarians
We invest in training by collaborating with the best research centres in the world.


Providing quality in all our work for the best results over time
We use the best technology and appropriate methods

Our specialties

The accurate and modern analysis of the macro and micro mineral components of precious matrix:

Urine: macro elements and metabolism
Milk: minerals and cheese making
Water: solubilized minerals
Unifeed and feed: minerals actually brought
Mineral raw materials: rumen and intestinal bioavailability
Mineral homeostasis: metabolic acidosis and alkalosis
Mineral Balance Team Paragon

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