International Dairy Master

Training course for the technical and nutritional management of dairy cattle breeding. Internationally, it takes place 1-2 times a year

Technical meetings by videoconference

Series of videoconference meetings with 8 Penn State University professors
Nutrition and management of dairy cows
Management of forage plans

Technical meetings by videoconference

Personalized: essential oils, protected rumen amino acids, Transition Cow

Focus on: Reproduction

Internationally, it is aimed at those involved in the reproductive aspect of dairy cows

Fine Tuning Ruminant Mineral Homeostasis

IInnovative approach to the nutrition and well-being of cows, defines a new milestone in the knowledge of the pathophysiologies and tools that prevent the risk of metabolic pathologies of the peripartum

Focus on: thematic bibliographic collections

Clinical, subclinical and chronic hypocalcemia
Mineral integration of dairy cows
Urinalysis as a mass diagnostic tool
Prevention of subclinical and chronic hypocalcemia


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